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Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference is Almost Here

First off, I just heard about the incident at UCC this past week, and I want to say my heart is home in Roseburg right now as so many are struggling with loss. I know a few of those hurt and killed and I am praying for their families. Things like this are very difficult, but I'm so grateful for our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and that we may see those loved ones again. I know this gospel is true and that we truly will be with loved ones again after this life. God loves each of His children and He created this plan to bless and help each of us.

As for this week, the work is coming along. We have many investigators and got even more this week, but because we spend all of our time with investigators, I think the ALA's have been a little neglected and numbers are dwindling in sacrament, but we've set goals to help them and we pray that we may be the Lord's hands here in Erdenet.

One day this week we were wandering around a gir district when we heard quiet cries for help...we looked around and found two little puppies. One was hurt, bloody, and couldn't move, just crying on the ground. The other was standing guard of what I assume to be its brother. Lots of people passed by, but no one would help. We wanted to take them and help them, but there's really nowhere here to take stray dogs (no pounds or clinics or such), so we went to a dilgur (mini mart of sorts), bought canned sardines and water, went back to the dogs and fed them the fish and water. We stayed for a while feeding them, then said a prayer for them. We stayed with them for a while, but had to leave eventually. It was so sad.

Also, I don't remember if I filled everyone in before, but about two weeks ago, I was walking down the street, looking down and ran into a street sign. I hit the top back of my head pretty hard, creating a mushy indent and have had pretty bad migraines since. Last week I got a blessing, which calmed my mind and spirit about it, but this week it was too bad and I had to stay home one day. The struggle to stay home is real when you want to be out working! Anyways, the mission doctor prescribed intense medication, and I'm back up and running again! It still hurts, but it's better now and will heal in time! 

In regards to language - it's coming along. I'm learning more and more Mongolian and sign language and I'm doing a lot more translating now for the senior couple, which is a challenge but kinda fun!  Today we are going to play volleyball with the YSA. I'm so excited! 


1. How, when & where did you watch General Conference? I will go on a split with the senior couple sister and watch it at their apartment next weekend. Mongolians watch it a week later because of translation. I can't wait to listen to the words of our living prophet and apostles!

2. What kind of building do you meet in for church in your area? Is there more than one building? It's a normal church building, but just the one here.

3. Tell me a cool story about English class. The students are great and they really love learning tongue twisters, so feel free to send me any you know!

4. Are there malls in Mongolia? If so, what are they like? If not, where do you buy clothes and stuff? wouldn't say malls, more like markets or personal vendors. There are lots of options and fairly cheap until they see you're American, haha.

5. Do you feel ready for winter? If not, why? I think so, the cold is a nice change and I'm excited to endure the Mongolian winter I dreaded pre-mission :)

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