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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

No water, no light, we're sick, but it's alright!‏

This week was work work work. We have so many people to meet with, some of which are progressing really well! We have a few who may be able to get baptized in a few weeks... just after the transfer, so we are praying we won't get transferred... we want to see our investigators get baptized so badly!!! And, we keep having new people show up to church.. this Sunday we got a new married couple, 3 22 yr old guys, and a few other random people as potentials, just by the Lord leading them to our church on Sunday! It's so cool! And, we have so many investigators, that we had to give a chunk of them to the elders because we simply don't have the time or ability to meet them all--- so sad :( but the elders will do a good job...

On another note, this week was interesting: we have been living without water in our apt (it finally came back), 4 dead light bulbs in our apt (so it's quite dark, haha), and we both got super sick (but recovered quickly luckily). But from this came newly discovered talents- the ability to shower from a water bottle, getting changed properly without light and look decent too, and I can eat Mongolian food without struggle (because I was sick and couldn't taste anything). There truly is always a bright side :)

An exert of a conversation with my comp:
comp: "Do you ever get angry?"
me: "ummm, what? yes, yes, yes."
comp: giggling
me: "why?"
comp: "I thought you've never gotten angry before..."
-concluded with both of us laughing :)

I am taking this conversation as a compliment! haha, love my comp :) She really thought I don't get angry...

Also, I translated for and talked with a deaf man in one of our branches on Sunday. It was so cool!!! I only know a little of sign language, but it was enough to help, and we are going to visit his family this week! I'm actually excited to visit them, even though it will be difficult to communicate for sure, but that's where trust in the Lord comes in :)

Not much else to report. Feel free to send questions about anything! I love you all, and like I'm sure I've said a million times before- I love this work and I love these people so much. I'm so grateful for the decision I made to serve a mission. This is truly where I'm meant to be- serving God's beloved children in this special country.

Sunset from the apartment

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