Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Snow ... in September?

Emily’s reply to this week’s emails: First of all, hearing about David leaving and seeing the photos, got me crying... that’s embarrassing when you are sitting in an internet place that’s full of people, that already look at me cuz I’m white and now because I’m the white girl who’s crying, haha. But I got my act together and am okay now. 

So last week, I was telling my mom that it’s fall in Mongolia, tights and jacket time... well, just kidding that didn't last at all! Tuesday came the freak snow storm, and it's been freezing ever since. Mongolia skipped fall and went straight to winter!!! haha, I guess this is what I should have expected of serving a mission in Mongolia, but it's real now :)

On another note, I have about 25 people coming to my English classes now, and it’s going really great! My cooking skills are seriously improving. We had almost nothing in our fridge yesterday, but I made a delicious carrot soup out of what little we had... so good! I've been doing a fair amount of translating for the senior couple here, so that's been a help for my language. Oh, and I've started learning Mongolian sign language!!! There are quite a few people here who know it and a few deaf people as well who are teaching me. I can already sign basic stuff, and it’s actually helping my Mongolian a lot as well! I really
love it! I think when I get home I might try and learn ASL as well.

This week we met with all the new people that had showed up to church last week, and a few of them are golden and we met them 3 times this week!! They are awesome! One is this beautiful girl who’s my age, she studied chemistry, and she decided to pick a church and came to ours. We've taught her the first lesson and she is great! She had never believed in any religions before, but she basically told us that she trusts us and will believe anything we tell her... which we then had to reiterate the principle of knowing for yourself but she is great! She is reading everything we give her, taking notes, asking questions, coming to all church activities... truly golden! Another is a 17 yr old boy whose older brother it turns out is ALA. He met us 4 times this week, came to all kinds of activities, has received the most amazing answers to his prayers, is reading everything, going to seminary, wants to serve a mission, and wants to study at BYU Hawaii! What?! Is this for real?! He's awesome and so prepared! God truly prepares people and puts them in our paths.

We also had an awesome opportunity this week in Erdenet! Elder Toronto of the area seventy came and spoke Saturday night as well as at church on Sunday. He said amazing things about miracles, and even used me as an example, telling everyone what a miracle it is that an American sister can come here and learn and teach in this language and that they can still feel the spirit as I try and explain simple concepts in broken Mongolian. He explained miracles and that God truly performs miracles in all our lives and that the greatest miracle of all is that we - imperfect humans - can become like God through the amazing gift of the atonement... it is a miracle! It was so amazing to see all our investigators listen to him, then tell us all they learned and felt... so amazing!

I love this work and this country and this people! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Lord in this great work. I know this gospel is true and that God truly works miracles in our lives. I love you all! Keep me updated!

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