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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Monday, October 26, 2015

All Kinds of Fire!

Real Fire
This week we got tired of not being able to see in the bathroom, so we pulled out a candle only to realize we had no matches, so we used a lighter (it was too small to reach inside the candle to the wick) to light Q-tips on fire and then try to light the candle. So incredibly hard and did not work as well as I thought, ugh. In the end, we did not light the candle and our apt smelled of smoke from the many burnt Q-tips.

Make Believe Fire
Remember how we were going to visit the deaf man’s family this week, well that day we were almost to their house (which by the way is very far away!!) when someone from our apt building called us. They told us that they thought something was burning in our apt, and that our apt might be on fire. We were shocked and started sprinting to the closest taxi stop, got a taxi ... the taxi driver asked us, "are you sisters?" to which we said yes and asked how he knew - he almost got baptized in another area but moved and couldn't find the church, so we are going to teach him now- HOW COOL!!!!.... then we got home fast! The whole way home I was praying my English scriptures would be okay and my comp was praying that her shoes would be okay (one after my own heart). Our floor was smoky, but thank goodness it was another apt. Our apt was safe! I think God made that happen so we would meet that taxi driver because he is so prepared for us! 

Spiritual Fire
This week, the spirit has truly been with us. We have had amazing lessons and experiences. One of our investigators has been investigating for over a year (her husband and daughter are members) and I have been teaching her the entire time I've been in Erdenet.... well, she's GETTING BAPTIZED THIS FRIDAY!!!! I couldn’t be more excited!! This family will all be members now, and come a year from now, will be able to go to the temple together to be sealed as a family for all eternity! How cool is that?! AND, an investigator that my comp and I taught most of the lessons to, then gave to the elders because we were too busy, is ALSO GETTING BAPTIZED FRIDAY!!! AND, the new investigators just keep coming; showing up to church on their own, passed from city missionaries, meeting on the street and in taxis- we have so much work and so little time! Erdenet definitely needs more missionaries!

Other News
My STL and I
Our STL's came to town and we did a split, and I went on a split with the Mongolian STL (I taught her mom in my first area), and she was so amazing! I learned a ton from her and she said she is amazed by my language progress! woohoo! I got new boots- wow, my feet are apparently huge! My size almost doesn't exist here, but I found a pair and they are working well. The senior couple have finished their mission, so we had to say goodbye to our Erdenet American mom and dad... we will dearly miss their zucchini bread, kindness, and help in so many ways! Sunday my comp and I each had to speak for 30 minutes in both branches as there were no speakers - we were a success! I talked about Christ-like attributes, shared some scriptures, and  everyone kept telling me everything they learned from our talks! woohoo again! I'm keeping the commitment from General Conference to ponderize a scripture each week and it's going great! Transfers are next week, and my comp and I are getting nervous... we really don't want to leave. I think that's all for now! Love you all!

Our favorite soup
Ketchup on rice - it's a Mongolian thing.

A Mongolian door: you bang on them til someone comes out.
One of our awesome investigators.

Some of the ladies in the branch.

A wonderful family we are teaching.

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