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Sunday, June 26, 2016

15 Months Down ... Where Did the Time Go?

So transfers came again, and I am still in the same area with the same companion, but we were forced to leave the penthouse.... so sad. We are back in a ghetto apartment in our area that I lived in before. Guess life can't always be perfect.

The weather here has been all over the place- random intense rain showers flooding the streets.... those days are not enjoyable as we are walking down the side of the road, annoying young men driving see the foreigners, and aim, then splash us good.... so annoying... "why you gotta be so mean, don't you know we're sister missionaries.."

We had one day when 4 people feed us full meals all in a  row, so at the last house we just couldn't do it, and she left the apt for a few moments to grab something, I whipped out a zip-lock, and we started shoveling the uncooked eggs, meat, and rice into it... I felt kinda bad, but we literally could not eat anymore.... the struggle.

So, our work has been kind of slow, but we do have a few investigators who are doing AWESOME!!!
Tseegii, the one we teach in English is doing absolutely fantastic! We met with her last Sunday, then again Saturday, and in between that time, she had read the first 17 chapters of the Book of Mormon!!!!! She reads in the morning on her work bus on the way to work, and her co workers ask her about it, or tell her she shouldn't be reading that book or going to our church, but she kindly explains it to them, and bears testimony!!! She told us that she feels it is true because the holy ghost is so strong, that no normal man could have just written this book because of it's complexity, and the words are so powerful. She said when she reads, she prays, and she takes notes, and she compares with the English version. She loves this book, she loves prayer, and she loves God. She is truly changing!

Munhbileg is an investigator who I have been teaching since the first week I got to this area. We have finally finished her lessons and are still working with her to help her quit smoking. When we met her this week, I asked her about smoking, and she said she has almost completely quit smoking! On the really hard days, she might smoke 1, but she is working really hard not to do that. She is confident that she can do this with the Lord's help, and she will be off of it soon. I am so proud of her and it is so amazing to see how far she has come!!!

Maria is doing fantastic as well. She is praying and reading! Moogii is doing fantastic as well! We also have many other investigators progressing and it is so exciting to see Christ's atonement working in their lives :)

Also, on Sunday, the relief society was talking about a child's guiding gift; it was all about how we guide our children and help them know what is right and help them feel the spirit, etc... Anyways, the teacher compared our homes to learning a language. The best language programs are complete immersion. Like me in Mongolia. I am learning the language much faster by being surrounded by Mongolians. Our homes must be the same. We must create a home that is complete immersion for our children in the spirit, in the gospel, in safety, etc.. So cool! We should all try and create a complete immersion home :)

Also, Sunday after church we got to attend a baptism for a girl who I taught a couple times while she was living in our area... and even cooler the guy who baptized her is a new member from Darhan who I had the opportunity of teaching multiple times on splits as well. They were both so excited to see that I came, and it made me realize that every single person I ever visit or teach can be affected in some way or another by me. I know that I was meant to be in Mongolia and teaching these people. I am so grateful to be here. I love Mongolia.


Elections are this week. This is my fav candidate because
he can rock a goutee!

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