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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

So a lot has happened this week. Monday we celebrated my comp's birthday with 2 other sisters by going to Millie's Espresso (a legit American diner here) .... the highlight of which was getting a 10% off for being MORMON! That is the first time I ever received any kind of benefit from being Mormon in Mongolia. And they weren't even members... very cool! 

Then we all went to Gandan and fed pigeons and looked at the biggest golden statue I think I have ever seen.... this is what it talks about in the BofM of building/worshiping idols... weird. Tuesday I surprised my companion with presents and cake and decorated mirror of frozen valentines-turned birthday cards. and took her out for Chinese food for lunch, and just had a great day! It was so fun! 

My new view
Wednesday, we were having a great day and visiting tons of people... seriously rocking sister missionary life... when we get a call from Batbold from the office.... we needed to completely pack up our apartment by 8am the next day because we would be moving into a brand new apartment that the mission just got and they would be doing construction on the ghetto one we had been living in... so we had to cancel our last appointment to go home and pack :( lame..... but on the bright side, we are now living in the MOST BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT EVER!!!! It is one bus stop closer to our area, in a college student housing area, has the most beautiful view of the city, and is just amazingly beautiful! This is my comp's registered address, so we are hoping to stay together and for the rest of our missions to enjoy this, haha. We are so lucky!

Thursday  we spent the day moving and outfitting this brand new apartment with all brand new cooking supplies and what not, then I taught English. We had our last interview with this mission president... so weird  He gave me a lot of really great advice for the mission and the future, but it is so strange to think in a couple weeks, he will be gone, and we will have a new president. This week is transfers as well, which I hope is small and I hope I stay right where I am with Sister Harmon :)

We also had a couple of the best lessons with our adorable investigators this week. One was with the investigator we have been teaching in English. Her name is Tseegii, and yesterday we met with her and taught about the plan of salvation and invited her to baptism, and she quickly said yes, and asked, "how do I prepare for baptism?" GOLDEN... so we explained and she is so happy. She prays all the time and her little 5 yr old daughter has started praying as well! She was so excited to tell us that her daughter was learning just by watching her mom!

We also met with Moogii, a cousin of my last baptism. I have been meeting with him for a looong time with little progression, but something clicked this week. We met him at a new lady's house and they became fast friends and she talks a lot about how great he is and how much he is like her son and I think he responds to that really well, because he was listening so well and really excited about the Book of Mormon. Then I also had the thought to download the gospel library app on his phone for him so he could read the Book of Mormon in Mongolian, Swedish, or English, whichever would be easiest for him, and it worked!!! He texted us later in the week and said that he is reading and praying all the time and he doesn't miss church now either. Wow!!!! The app was what he needed because he reads from his phone in Swedish whenever he has time! Thank you technology!!!!

We also met with maria, and invited her to baptism as well - which she quickly nodded yes to excitedly!! She told us how she just feels like she wants to meet with us all the time and got o church, not just on Sundays, and that she feels the holy ghost all the time!!! She's amazing!

I love Mongolia, even with the election posters and people everywhere. I love this gospel. I am so grateful I came on a  mission. 

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