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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

New President

So, first off, I believe I promised to write the cool story that Pres. Benson shared at his going away fireside. This is a story about Tuvshin Ah, one of the first members here. In his time, there was no Book of Mormon in Mongolian here, just little translated sections. But, he felt the spirit of the message of the restoration and was baptized. Then, as a new member, he was walking passed Nalaik in the countryside area. One Sunday, he showed up to church at 8am, long before church would start. Pres Benson, then an elder, was there early setting up chairs and what not. He asked Tuvshin Ah why he was there so early. Tuvshin Ah then explained that the buses that go out there don't start early enough for him to make it to church on time, so instead, that night he had waited until the moon was high in the sky and began to walk. He walked all through the early morning until he reached the central building in UB... just so he could be on time to church. What amazing faith and sacrifice, right? In the book of Mormon it talks about Moroni and it says if every man was like Moroni, Satan would have no power... well, I think if every member was as dedicated as this man, Satan would have no power as well.

As for this week, elections happened in Mongolia, so we got to stay home on Thursday until we received a text from the AP's saying it was okay to go out... at which point, we had no one we could visit.... but we finally found someone and got burned.... so yah. But we did some mad Liahona collaging that day which was awesome!!! 

This week we also did service for a lady by helping her make buuz..... but we spent 2 hours cutting veggies and then had to go, so we didn't actually help MAKE them. Oh well, we did the gritty work.We also met with a new member this week who tried to gift me a pair of drag queen heels, but they didn't fit, so my companion inherited them, haha. Guess she's set for post-mish clubbing, haha. 

Our new mission president came this week!!! President and Sis Harper are so amazing and it was so fun to see them again. Sis Harper ran up to me, hugged me and started chatting away... so adorable. A little bit about them: They are both from Idaho, grew up on farms close to each other, she liked him starting in 7th grade, but they didn't get together until post mission. He has accomplished a lot.... high school state wrestling champion, senior year voted most handsome, president of a potato company for 31 years, and he will receive the Russet Aristocrat Potato award pretty soon. Cool guy, right? I'm excited to have such a humble, spiritual leader for the last part of my mission. 

We taught Maria about the plan of salvation this week and it went so well! She understood it very well and she said it makes her so happy. When she closed with a prayer, she even thanked God for sending the sisters to her and helping her learn about this church and plan. She is awesome!

We also finished teaching the plan of salvation to Tseegii. Her older sister passed away years ago, and she really struggles with that. As we taught the plan to her, we focused on the fact that she can be with her sister again and that her sister is not gone forever. She was so interested and quiet as she sincerely was listening. At the end she told us how amazing it sounds and she too in prayer told God thank you for teaching her that she has the opportunity to be with her sister again.... and we taught her about following the prophet and the word of wisdom this week and it went well. She is going to stop drinking tea even though thats very hard for her, and she said it all makes sense and that she wants to follow God. She is so amazing!

We also got 1 new investigator this week named Shinebayar. He is 27 and is a programmer/IT engineer. He is dating a single mom in the ward and he has been coming to my English classes for a while now. He understands very well and every time we bore testimony, he would say, "i know that too. or I believe that too". He is awesome and I can't wait to see him continue to progress!

Well, happy 4th of July everyone! Today to celebrate, my comp and I will be getting pizza and going to a dinosaur museum! I love you all!

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