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Monday, June 6, 2016

New Comp

Lots of excitement for this week! There was a mini transfer this week as the president got permission to send some Americans to the countryside now that school is out... so my mini missionary finished her mini mission, and I have a new comp!!!! I am still in the city in the same area, and my new comp is named Sister Harmon. She is from cottonwood heights, is from the group after me, went to Snow College and later the U. She is absolutely adorable and so hilarious! She is ALWAYS happy (we still have no hot water, but she is happy anyways- a real trooper) and excited and we are very similar. I am so excited to be her comp... oh and a plus is she has some real cute clothes... its like I gained a whole new closet, haha. 

Anyways, we are both excited to be together and determined to do a lot of work. We need to find new people to teach though, so we decided to focus on finding through the members this week. So starting last night, we met with a member family.... and guess what... They made homemade PIZZA!!!! it was so delicious, and we were so happy. We shared a kick-but spiritual thought about Shiblon and how to become like him (and in turn like Christ). The family loved us and kept saying we were the most beautiful sisters and how awesome the spiritual thought was, and then they referred us to a less active family who they would love to go with us to visit. Woohoo!

On Sunday, the member missionary work continued as at church, a member brought a 19 yr old niece, and another young member befriended her, and we will meet with her and that member together this week!!! Then another couple of young girls came with member friends, and they said we should be able to meet with their whole family as well. Then we met with a new member and she has been talking to her neighbor about the gospel and we will start teaching him this week at her house! So much work and so fast all because the members were opening their mouths and speaking about the church with friends, family, and acquaintances.

We also met with an old investigator this week who we teach in English and it was so weird teaching in English!!! But, the lesson went so well!!!! We taught about the Restoration and asked her if she could talk to God, what would she ask him. She thought for a little bit, said "I would ask why my sister had to die so young..." and we then explained that our church believes in the plan of salvation which can answer that. On Sunday, when she came to church I handed her the plan of salvation pamphlet and she read the whole thing before sacrament was over, turned to my comp and asked, "how do I become a member of your church?", so my comp explained, and she sweetly said, "I want to." This women had felt the spirit, she has found through prayer God exists, and she has found through the plan of happiness that she can live with her sister again. We can't wait to meet with her this week and teach her that plan for reals!

This week, I also taught a 3 day English camp to a group of immigration, police, and other related officers. It was so much fun and they were eager and willing to learn. I made a lot of good friends and they even took us to lunch one day :) 

Also, Sister Westover came to town again and it was so fun to hang with her! One morning, all four of us were leaving our apartment, and guess what, it was national health day! They had blocked off all the main streets in UB for a marathon to increase awareness, and we cheered on/watched a marathon/5k/and 10k. It felt nice to be watching a race again... miss races! While we were cheering, my investigator and some English students ran by! It was so cool to cheer them on. That really is what missionaries are, cheerleaders. We cheer people on as they learn, change, grow, and work towards living with God again. The down side today was we had to walk miles to get to our area... but on the way we saw a concert, games, people biking, rollerblading, and so much more fun stuff!!!

So, the sisters here have a fun tradition. We all buy kinders before getting our comps and guess who we will be with. I got one with a birthday theme... and my comp will have her birthday next week! She got one and it was a princess barrette with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel. I'm having shoes issues (my feet are destroyed and I really need new shoes) so I'm Cinderella. I pricked my fingers on a cactus this week meaning I'm Sleeping Beauty, and I got a sunburn meaning I am Ariel (cuz i'm red).... the kinder egg never lies.

We also had zone conference this week- the last one with this mission president, and it was so fantastic. Our training we gave as STL's was one of the best ones the mission president had seen in Mongolia! He loved it, the missionaries loved it, and it went so well. The mission president taught about the law of the harvest and his wife about stress and conquering our own Goliaths. I felt the spirit so strongly as I sat there, and I know that this gospel is true without a shadow of a doubt.

Well, I love Mongolia, these people, my companion, my area, my zone sisters, my mission president and his wife and children, God, Christ, and this gospel. I know this church is true. I know that because this church is lead by a prophet of God today, and because of that, this church is truly lead by the hand of God.!!!

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