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Monday, April 18, 2016

Love This Work

So, nothing big happened this week. I teach English 2x a week at the main church here, which is a really great set up because everyone that comes just wants to learn, so they all participate well! I have kids, teenagers, families, and old people and even have a group of immigration officials coming to my class, all of which have been referred here by friends or teachers or whatnot. It's really great!

I figure this week, I will just fill you in on some of our work we have. We are continually blessed with more and more new investigators from other missionaries, members, and even the president gave us one himself! Here are some of the awesome people we are meeting with!!!!

-Ariunzaya: she is 15 yrs old and lives with her aunt and cousins who are all members. She is really amazing and reads and understands the scriptures so well! She has a very strong testimony of this gospel and I love meeting with her and seeing the happiness she gains from this gospel! We will finish her lessons tomorrow and she will be baptized in a week and a half!!! We are also teaching her brother and cousin and soon will begin teaching her best friend as well! 

-Munhjargal Egch and Eeshlii and Nimgarav ah: this is the most amazing family! The father is a less active member who we are reactivating as we teach his wife and teenager daughter. This family is so incredibly prepared and they have such a huge desire to live this gospel. The father will hopefully baptize his wife and daughter in about a month!

-Urnaa Egch: this girl is kinda CRAZY! but, we love her! she is currently 30 yrs old, single, and unemployed but she has the BIGGEST desire to change her life. Her friend is a member and referred her to us. She knows that through what we teach her, she can change, and it's cool to meet with someone who really wants to do so.

-Dorjsuren Ah: He's 30yrs old, his girlfriend is an RM, and he is meeting with us really well! He can only read a little bit, so his girlfriend helps him read our assignments. He understands very well though, and he really seems to enjoy and believe the things we are teaching him! 

-Munhbileg Egch: She used to go to many other churches but her boyfriends' sister brought her to ours. we have been teaching her for a long time now and are almost done with her lessons! 

-Mungunerdene: this girl is about 20 yrs old and has been coming to my English classes. she met our new member at the classes and began asking about church, so she came to the women's conference and a baptism on Saturday and to church on Sunday  and we will begin meeting with her this week! We are very excited to meet with her, because she already comes to things things and likes them a lot!

Well, that was only a sliver of our work right now as we've have been so incredibly blessed as of late with people to teach and visit. I know for a matter of fact that the Lord leads and guides this work and that through him, we his servants can truly do all things. As we pray and keep his commandments and continually try to be better, he blesses and guides us. I know this church is true! I know God lives! He loves you all!

Also this week I will go on another split with some sisters, then teach about inventories at a zone training, and fly out to Hovd again for another splits with the sisters out there! I am really excited to be going back a 2nd time!!!

Mongolian children are the cutest!!!!

She's trying to make her eyes big like mine.

I love Mongolians!!!!

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