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Monday, April 11, 2016

I Love Conference!

I know you already watched General Conference, but in Mongolia they take a week for translations, so we got to watch it Saturday and Sunday.... IT WAS SO AMAZING! I learned sooo much! I learned and relearned a lot regarding the priesthood and the temple. I know that in the temple and through the priesthood, we can be sealed to our families for eternity and receive all of God's promised blessings allowing us to be truly happy for all time. These saving ordinances that can bless us so can only be found in this church through the restored gospel and priesthood. How lucky are we? But, also, how great the need to share these things. 

I want to share an experience that happened as we were watching general conference yesterday. The power went out at the church we were at, but they used a back-up generator so we could watch, but there was no light. Because of this, the room was extremely dark and did not allow for writing notes very well. So, i turned on the flashlight function on our phone and tried to hold it in a way that my comp and i could both use the light to write... then my comp whispered to me, "share the light with Delgermaa." Delgermaa is a new member who was sitting on the other side of me. That short statement hit me hard. SHARE THE LIGHT WITH .... That is simply what missionaries and members alike have been asked to do for our fellowmen. Share our light, this miraculous gospel, with those around us. We must listen to Christ and we must take His invitation. We must find ways to share the light... How? Serving others... being an example... sharing the gospel!!! I know I say this every time I write, but if you are a member, please think about who God would want to to share these things with and do it. JUST OPEN YOUR MOUTH. If you aren't a member, please listen when those around you attempt to share their precious beliefs with you; I promise it is only coming out of complete love and sincerity. 

Other cool things to note:

- We watched general conference at the main building here because they had headsets for English speakers, and while I was there, I ran into some special people: A sister from Erdenet, she was so happy to see me and we got to talk for a while. Hergui and Iimujin from the Bayanzurkh branch- my first area. They were in complete shock to see me because I haven't seen them in 9 months. They told me how much they have missed me and how much I helped them when I was visiting with them last summer (that was my 1st 6 weeks in Mongolia so I could barely speak and we had little work and I felt that I had helped no one) and that I need to make sure to write them letters and stay in touch. I t was an amazing reunion- it was amazing to see that I was able to make a difference in that time of my mission and help them, and it kinda felt like the way it will be after this life, when we will all once again reunite joyfully thanking each other for the knowledge others shared with us... it was really cool!

-I talked to the elders now serving in Bayanzurkh, and gave them information on people I had been visiting last summer who were lost later.... and guess what, we took a guy from the branch as a witness last summer to those places, and now he is the branch president and remembers those people and where they live and yesterday he took the elders to their houses to visit them! God really provides the means, ways, and all in his own time to bring his children unto him.

-Also, last week, I sent a pic of a golden investigator- she is a 15 yr old named Ariunzaya. She goes to seminary and church and in 1 week read all of 1 Nephi and understood it amazingly! She has received so many answers from God, and is already such an awesome missionary- through her we are now teaching her 24 yr old brother, 20 yr old, guy cousin, and will begin teaching her friend soon!
She is amazing and so ready for this gospel!!!!  I am lucky to be meeting with such a special and prepared sister!

That's all for now. I love you all!!!

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