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Monday, August 24, 2015

So Much to Tell!

Remember how it was raining buckets, well Tuesday my comp, me, and the other sisters couldn't handle the puddles and mud with our normal shoes anymore, so we went and bought rain boots and umbrellas.... and the next day, it was sunny again! Kinda annoying, but now we are prepared!

The STL's came to town this week to do splits with the other sisters, but we all had a sleepover at our place (all 6 of us in a small apt with one pull out couch, our 2 beds, and some extra blankets), It was so fun actually and I cooked for everyone... I have gotten really good at making Mongolian food while here! When I get home, I'd be happy to cook for all who want to taste true Mongolian grill :)

This week has been rough because ALL of our investigators, less-actives, new members and so on are in the country or the capital, so finding someone to meet with has been hard. On top of that, all of the people we would usually use as a witness are also gone or busy, so we couldn't meet with the few guys who were in town... so frustrating! We also had a very sad moment with one of our awesome investigators. We planned to meet him Monday, but he didn’t show, I called and he hung up, then sent a text saying never call me again. We have no idea what happened, but it was disappointing as he was really progressing. We are praying that in time his heart will be softened and he will come back.

On the other hand, we had some amazing lessons this week!!! There are a few investigators here who have been investigators for years and they have heard all the lessons but haven’t got baptized. We had lessons with two of them this week and I felt prompted to share certain scriptures and examples with them, and guess what?! They set baptism dates!!!! We are going to be working with them closely to prepare them, but I think they will get baptized this time!

One of our areas in the gir districts has a lot of hills and guess what,  they are doing constructions on roads out there, so we couldn’t take a meeker or bus or taxi out there so we walked and walked and walked. I even started singing "Mongolian missionaries sang as they walked and walked and walked" like that pioneer song... which I then had to explain to my comp. It was hot, tiring, but so pretty!

This Sunday, I gave a talk! I was so nervous, because it was my first full talk in Mongolian, but I did it and I think it actually went really well! I also had to translate for the senior couple here, so that was a struggle ... been in Mongolia 3ish months and translating sacrament meeting... ahhh!!!! But I prayed for help, and I did it. I translated it ALL more or less exactly what the people were saying. It was amazing! The Holy Ghost truly is the master translator and with the Holy Ghost’s help, I did it!

Here's my advice to all those learning a new language:
1) Speak the language as much as possible. I know it's frustrating or exhausting, but even if you speak part English part the other language it will help a ton!
2) Don't be afraid to make mistakes, just speak! People will help you, just be brave and talk!
3) Make friends with the children. I'm not even kidding. The kids are about your level as a beginner, and they are so exciting to help teach and adult! I've learned best from the kids, fo realz!
4) Make a study plan and follow it. You won't progress if you don't study. Just do it! If you need to, give yourself incentives.
5) Make it fun! Learn words that interest you, or for study draw pictures to learn vocab, or learn songs in that language... anything.
6) Pray, pray, pray, and pray again. You won't do it without God's help. Ask for His help.

Also, EVERYONE this week has wanted to feed us, so much so that we are going to die from too much food, yesterday alone we had 1st and 2nd dinner (hobbit style). Ughhh, too much food, but we will be fed again today by a member... I can’t do it anymore!! I need a week-long fast or something. Also, I got 2 letters this week which was

exciting!!! Papa and Gram, thanks!

As for this week's coming events: today we travel to Darkhan, tomorrow we do a split there with the STL's, Tuesday night we take the train to UB, Wednesday we have a mission conference of sorts, Wednesday is TRANSFERS, and it will be a big one because all the Americans who teach at schools (most of them), have to go back to the city, Thursday is an English teaching seminar for all Americans, and Friday maybe I come back and who knows who with :)

Well, that’s all folks! Love you and I'm praying for all of you! Keep me updates please!

We take a selfie every day. :)


Mom: How expensive was it to buy those boots and umbrellas? Or you had been saying your money was short. With all the upcoming travel how are you going to be OK?
Em: I had to use personal funds and the boots were 15 american dollars and the umbrella was 7 american dollars.. they always up prices when its raining and people need these things and when they see I'm not Mongolian :( annoying.
Mom: Don't items have price tags? What about having your companion buy it for you and you wait outside?
Em: Nope, we went to the black market where things are cheaper, you ask a price and they tell and then you negotiate and you have to stay with your comp :) But, the umbrella and boots are really nice actually.
Mom: Does the black market look like the one in the Hunger Games? Or more like the one on MASH?
Em: Haha, don't know.
Mom: Are the people shifty? Do the police know about it?
Em: No, and yes, but police here are really traffic control

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