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Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

So my birthday is this Saturday, and guess what I'll be doing?! Missionary work! Haha, no time to party, but that's okay. So transfers came, and it was a big transfer in the mission because all the Americans who teach English at schools had to go back to UB. My comp went to UB, and I stayed in Erdenet, but here's the twist… my new comp is Sister Solongo who was in the other Erdenet branch before. We are the only two sisters in Erdenet and we are now serving in both branches, which means our teaching pool just about doubled (for her, not for me, turns out we have more work in the first branch, but we are working on that). 

What does this transfer mean for me?
1) 6 hour big plans
2) 5 hours of church
3) 2 planners (to keep the numbers and people straight)
4) lots of splits with members so we can teach everyone we need to teach
5) hopefully some awesome investigators getting baptized
6) oh, and I moved into the nice apt with my new comp!

Last week, I went to Darkan on Monday and Tuesday for a split with the STL's, then UB on Wednesday for transfers and a mission conference (party). The party was to celebrated completing our mission marathon (6 weeks of 1 1/2 hour personal study, lots of goals, achieving them, and gaining "kilometers"), so all of us -all 40ish- went to round table pizza, and then to a cultural show. As we left pizza to head to the show, they sent us out in 2s or 4s every 5ish minutes because we should not be in big groups and attract attention... but, we all got lost and found each other, so then there were 40ish missionaries walking around lost in UB, haha, whoops. The show was awesome! It was traditional throat-singing, dancing, and music performances in traditional clothing and everything! We couldn't film or take photos, but trust me it was awesome -  if anyone comes to Mongolia they need to go to it!

Also we found out that the new group of missionaries coming in November will have 13 Americans and 4-6 Mongolians, so half of our mission will be training!!! Crazy, right?! In zone training, they told us that with that group coming it’s very important we are all preparing and being our absolute best selves! It’s a little scary to think about... in a couple months it’s completely possible I could be training, yikes!

So Thursday we had an English teaching training as well, and then back to Erdenet on the 12 hour train... where I didn't sleep much because on a stop 2 hours in, a drunk man got on, and he got the bed right across from me... and Mongolian drunk men love Americans, so that was very annoying. But I made a new friend/got a contact from it, because a teenage boy was sitting next to me and saw the drunk man and sat and talked with me and told the drunk man to knock it off again and again. That boy lives in Erdenet, came to my English Saturday, and will meet with me Wednesday for the 1st lesson!! He is really great AND he is friends with a ton of members and his gramma is friends with the grammas in the branch! How perfect, right? I am praying he will feel the spirit testify of the truth of our message. Also, our two teenage friend investigators who are getting baptized the end of this month are the best missionaries. They brought another friend to a lesson who we also set a baptism date for and we are also now teaching. These girls rock!
My favorite yogurt ever!

Well, that’s about all, but I will send some photos as well :) talk to you when I'm week, woohoo!!

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