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Monday, August 17, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away!

So this week there isn't too much to report because I spent most of the week in UB, but here are the updates:
1) My comp ended her mission (so I went to another testimony meeting and cried again)
2) I got a new comp (I'm done training, so this is my first real comp) her name is Sister Monkzulth (Mongolian of course). She will finish her mission in November, and she served with my first mission mom (Sneddon) before... she says Sneddon and I are exactly alike, haha
3) I stayed in Erdenet
4) This wasn't a real transfer; there will be a big one in 2 weeks!!!
5) In my interview with the president he told me I will probably stay in Erdenet for a while and then shared a story of an area he served in for 17 months of his mission, haha. He also told me that my comp will most likely be transferred again in 2 weeks.
6) New American missionaries came, so I'm no longer the newbie, weird.

While I was in UB, I got to go on some splits with other sisters, and I was in charge of the phone, and wow am I thankful for God's promise to his missionaries of the gift of tongues! It is real, trust me! I understood everyone and could talked pretty clearly with everyone as well (everyone told me how impressed and surprised they were). It was amazing! It probably helps that UB people are easier to understand then country people but I did it nonetheless.

So, I'm officially the old one in the area. My new comp served here once last November for 4 weeks, so she kinda remembers areas, but not really. It's all up to me to call people, set up appointments, plan lessons, and get us places. It is so stressful and difficult but we are doing alright so far. I am just impressed I got us back to Erdenet, woohoo! (I'm really starting to hate that 12 hour train ride.)

Also, it has been pouring buckets this last week and especially these last few days. Roads are rivers now, and when it’s really pouring, we are wading through "rivers"/puddles to our ankles. It is also freezing! It feels like Oregon at Christmas! I am loving it, but missionary work in this rain and and through muddy gir districts is quite the struggle.

1. Your favorite thing about the mission right now is? My new comp, she is so cute!!
2. The toughest part of your mission right now is? Managing money, we have had to do soooo much traveling this month that my money allotment is drained- it’s so frustrating! We are trying to make it work and still eat, but we have to travel 2 times in the next 2 weeks for a split and transfers again so it’s hard!!! I can’t wait till next month.
3. On P days you wish you had more time for? EVERYTHING!! There never seems to be enough time for anything.

One of my favorite things this week from my studies is in 3 Nephi 12:3-12. Christ has appeared to the people in the Americas, and He is teaching him, and these verses are some amazing promised blessings. I love that with all of God's promises, He asks for so little and in return promises sooo much. God truly loves us and wants to help us, and if we do our part the blessings of heaven will be poured out upon us!

Also, one of our investigators was planned for a baptism on the 28, but it looks like it might need to be pushed back, and when I told her, she was so cute. She got really sad, and said she has to that day. When I asked why, she said if she doesn't get baptized before school starts then she can't go to seminary. When I told her she could she was so relieved and thankful, haha. So adorable!

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