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Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Naadam!

This week has been busy for sure! I'm short on time so I will have to put it in bullets for you:
- Thanks to the Youngs for the awesome letter and smarties!!! My comp and I definitely enjoyed them!!!!
- 4th of July - Got some delicious round table pizza and checked out a dinosaur museum!
- My new date for coming home has changed - I will be coming home a month early instead of a month late... see y'all the end of August!!!
-We were meeting with Munhbileg and we were talking about what she feels when she reads the BofM or prays or goes to church and she said that she feels the holy ghost. She said that for her, the holy ghost makes her want to sing church songs :) So cute!
-We also met with a member family this week and RM that I served with, his new wife, and his mom, and we decided to just talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon and all share our testimonies about it, and I guess his mom, who has been a member for years and years, has never made it through Alma in the Book of Mormon, but she said that she finally is going to read the entire BofM. that listening to all of our testimonies of the scriptures we shared has made her want to actually read it all.... how cool is that?! God definitely helped us know what to share with this member family. Missionary work is not limited to investigators.
-Another member we visited made us pancakes!!!!!! So cute... but not very delicious, but it was the thought that counted :)
-We also met with a new member Enhkmunhk who has NOT been reading her scriptures or praying and I decided to be very blunt with her and I even pulled out an intense scripture talking about Satan.... well it finally hit her, something clicked and she promised for now on to read and pray every day and she said she would never miss a day again! She has been texting us almost daily as well to tell us that she is doing it!!!
Sister Wilkins & I
-Also, we met with Maria and followed up on her commitment to repent, and she told us about her experience repenting and tat she loved it and when I asked her how it actually felt, she said it felt like her soul was unlocked!!!!!!! She rocks!!!
-I also did a split with my new STL- Sister Wilkins from my group!!! It was weird working with her but also super fun to catch up and to both be understanding and speaking so well.
-And no week in Mongolia would be complete without FOOD POISONING---- kept me in bed all Sunday :( Lame Mongolian meat....

Today is Naadam - a Mongolian national holiday with wrestling, archery, and horse racing.... huushur huushur and more huushur!!!! We got tickets to the opening ceremonies this morning and it was exactly like the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. It was that big and awesome!!!!! We then did some looking around, and I got stopped by a news crew and they interviewed me in Mongolian on TV. I'm famous now! They thought it was so cool that a foreign girl had been living here over a year and speaks Mongolian. Anyways, got to go, but I love this place and its hard to believe my time here is coming to a close. But, I'm grateful for all those people God has given us to teach and how great they are progressing in this gospel!!!

Naadam opening ceremonies.

A flower ger.
American food for July 4th!

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