Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Monday, March 7, 2016

God Leads and Guides His Servants

Last Monday for p-day we enjoyed the beautiful day and walked around UB and went to every mall we could find to window shop (it's fun to do here because we are American so people think we are rich and try to sell us everything!!! haha). 
This week kinda seems like a blur, all of the great things I have seen happen this week came from the Lord guiding us to who we needed to be guided to, at the time they needed us, and the Holy Ghost giving us the words they needed to hear. 
My English class goes a little bit longer than my companion's so she usually eats lunch before I finish. She went to a cheap soup place here and met a security guard who she talked to about English, then later called & talked to about the church and he came to church with us last Sunday. We met with him this week and he's where the cool thing happened ... we planned to meet him at the main church in UB towards the evening and we were waiting and waiting and waiting... well, after 1 1/2 hours he showed up (the traffic was really bad) and because he was so late, the friend he had planned to hang out with that evening met him at the church as well, and they both sat in on the lesson with us! It was an amazing first lesson, and I felt the spirit so strongly and I know they felt it as well. The spirit was truly bearing witness to these two 25 year old's hearts. They loved everything we had to say and had a true and sincere desire to learn more and to know for themselves. They even sat in on Institute class afterwards! Unfortunately, they don't live in our area, so we had to pass them.but I believe God led my comp to that store that day and made them talk to each other so these 2 men could hear about the gospel. I know without a doubt that they will get baptized and become wonderful members of this church!
I wrote a letter to my a sister in the mission this week because I felt a need to. I didn't know why and wasn't even really sure what to write but I wrote and received a text yesterday from her saying that she was incredibly grateful for that note and it was exactly what she was needed at that time!
Yesterday we couldn't seem to find anyone to meet with after church, so we decided to let it be and God would guide us and boy did He guide us!!! Turns out some new members here really needed to meet with us as HUGE things had happened in their life that week... HUGE! We were able to sit with each of them in lessons after church and share exactly what they needed to hear and then direct them to priesthood leaders who could help them better. It was amazing to see God's hand in keeping us from planning with anyone, leading them to us, and helping us say what they needed to hear!
Well, I will leave it at that for this week, but I want to let you all know I love you so much, that God knows and cares for each one of you, and that He is always with you, no matter what. Even when you may not recognize it, He is there helping you along. I know this church and this gospel is true. I know that if you read the Book of Mormon and truly ask of God with a sincere heart that you may know as well. Love ya!
We buy popcorn from the theater but we don't watch anything, I promise. 
Chingis Khan Square 
"Heart attacking" a member's door 
Crowded buses are part of life here.
Sketchy alleys are also part of life.

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