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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finding, Finding, Trying

I'm back in the city again! Made it back... almost missed the flight and they had to rush us through security and onto the flight, but we made it! And came home safely.
As of late, I haven't been able to spend much time in my area between splits and what not, and it's been frustrating. We felt like our work wasn't progressing well so we made goals. We decided to stop focusing on new members and start focusing on finding!! I spent the evenings calling old
investigators, some of which are from many many years ago... have yet to find any that will meet with us but have had conversations and messages with some. One even asked which church and what would happen when he met with us and when I told him, he sent a text saying, "I will never gooooo, no, noooo, noooo!" haha. 
We have also been asking for referrals from everyone (we've gotten at least 7 this week- woohoo!) and talking to EVERYONE about English lessons at the church here and if possible, then talking about church and it worked!!! We contacted a security guard at a soup place here about English... he went twice and loved it, and he came to church with us yesterday! We will be meeting with him this week!!! Finding is really hard and very slow sometimes, but I KNOW that God is helping us and slowly leading us to someone that He has prepared for us!

Also, this week, we were on a split and went to meet someone at the church and we show up and there was a 30 yr and up single adult dance. It was mostly 50 yr and up from what we could see, but they were so cute!! About 50 women and 3 guys, haha, and they all have got some moves! It was so cute!! These members are just so good at friendshipping each other and it was really cool to see.
Kindergarten teaching is so fun! I have really cute students and they are learning so fast! This week we will have an open house where I teach and the parents watch us teach... nerveracking. Funny moment from kindergarten this week. One of our girls was dressed as Elsa from Frozen and she came up to me and played with my hair and then told me, "you look like a real princess!" I then asked, "Really, which one?" She then thought for a minute and really excitedly she blurted out, "THE FAIRY GODMOTHER!" Wow, thanks..... I'm an old fat fairy, hahah. She's not even a princess.... haha. Gotta love kindergarten!
Also, yesterday we met with a guy who lived in America for 13 years and speaks very well. We even taught him the lesson in English. It was awesome.... and really hard, I think I'm forgetting English. He is a very spiritual person who believes in energies and powers and he has read a lot and looked into a lot of religions, so he is a bit difficult, but he said he would pray and ask anyways and would meet with us again!!! woohoo

Now a bunch of photos, lots from Khovd.
The flight to Khovd.
The view from my flight last week.
I love large statues.

Glorious Mongolia!
Some of the snow festival fun!

Fun with my old companions!

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