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Monday, March 21, 2016

Transfers Came ... I Stayed

New American missionaries.
So, this week was.... I don't know. First off, being an STL is exhausting!!!! When sisters get in fights (it doesn't just happen with elders), the STL steps in, and when the mission president is in Hong Kong, it's all up to the STL.... and it happened this week. So I did some emergency splits, check-ups on companionships and helped with some companionship inventories...... Also, I have to do splits with all the sisters in the zone before the end of the transfer, so I did another one of those this week..... Also, when transfers are coming up, I get all kinds of questions coming my way.... Also when there are baptism scheduling issues between the stake and district more questions come my way.... Also, when we get sketchy pass down texts about not going to the church buildings and wearing name tags, more questions come my way.... Also, when new sisters show up I take them to lunch and figure out sleeping situations.... And finally, when the transfers do come, I get put in charge of getting all companionships where they need to be when they need to and with who they need to be with and get people right phones and keys and call everyone.... and MY BRAIN IS MUSH. This week was exhausting! 

But here's the transfer news: The new missionaries all came but the transfer got moved to Monday (yesterday), hence why I am emailing a day later than usual. Almost everyone changed in the mission but I am still in Enhtaivan and still with Tao and still STL. So yah, my life will basically stay the same. The new missionaries are great and I'm excited to get to know them all! 

*Shout out to the Olsen family: I met your daughter and took her and group sisters out to lunch yesterday! She is great and very excited to be here in Mongolia. Her trainer is very awesome, and Sister Olsen will be serving in the same ward as I am in :) She loves you guys a lot!! She's happy, healthy, and safe!!! She will do a great work here in Mongolia!

Also random other thoughts: 

-Mongolia has melted!!! It's warm now!! I don't even need my winter coat anymore!!!! woohoo!!!! 

-Story time: We were at the big square in UB sitting next to a statue, waiting for 4 more sisters to show up for a split, when a drunk man saw me and got very excited and came over and tried to talk to me in at least 5 languages. I didn't reply and walked away and he gave up. But, when 2 more Americans showed up and sat next to us, he came back even more excited and started telling me in Mongolian and Russian that i'm a pretty Russian and he wants my picture... um no thanks!... the 4 of us start
The square where it all happened.
walking around the statue quickly to get him to go away, but he follows quickly, laughing, and saying more stuff about how pretty we are... then it got really windy and dusty and he grabbed my comp who another sister yanked away. Then we called the Mongolian sisters that were supposed to be coming and explained so they started hurrying to get to us and save the day. in the mean time, we walked around the statute 2 or 3 times while people laughed at the foreigners trying to escape the drunk man...... it was a struggle. eventually the Mongolian sisters showed up and got angry at him, and we were good..... #thestruggleisreal #mongoliandrunkmenloveme

-Also, last Monday, we had an awesome FHE with an ALA family and played charades with an English and Mongolian phone app, and it was so fun! and we watched treasure in heaven and after the movie had a great discussion about it and the ALA wife told us that she has decided to change and become a good member..... yay!!!! they came to church for the 2nd time!!! woohoo!!!!!

The district
Hanging with Sister Kerby, she's awesome!
Awesome new member with me & my comp.
Two of the new Mongolian sisters.

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