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Monday, June 22, 2015

Drive by Shootings & Climbing Mountains

This last week was a little different because my comp and another roommate are STLs (sister training leaders) and had to go out to the country to do splits with sisters there, so it was me and Sister Bayersetzig for two days. We worked in her area one day, then mine another and boy was that stressful – trying to remember who people were and how to get to their homes and so on, but I DID IT! I was so proud, especially since gir districts are so hard to maneuver. Anyways, it was a cool but difficult experience only communicating in Mongolian for those days. I taught a lot more of the lesson than usual and in my area I led the lessons…wow was I scared! But let me say, if you trust in the Lord and let the Spirit work through you, miracles happen. I could speak decent Mongolian and they understood me and they seemed to be feeling the Spirit …so amazing!

We went to visit a less active member who lives at the top of a very tall hill but she wasn’t home, so instead we decided to climb the mountain behind her house. It was amazing! You could see most of Ulaanbaatar and the sky was breathtaking – just inspiring! It was nice to take a step back and look at the big picture and realize there is no reason to get down because not everyone has been taught and there will always be someone else who might want to listen and learn. It really has motivated me to be diligent in this work.

So, I was involved in a drive by shooting this week … yep, you read that right. My splits comp and I were walking along the road when a car drove by and SHOT ME! Yep, that happened. I was shot by a little kid with a squirt gun, haha. It was a super hot day too, so I was super happy. :)

We went to our other area for church this week. It is an hour out of the city on bus. It amazes me that the church truly is the same everywhere! Sacrament meeting while in a different language is the same, Sunday School while the classes are small and we end up getting asked to teach the minute before is the same, and Relief Society while there may only be three ladies attending is the same. In fact, they even had a pretty tablecloth and fake flowers! Also, I get to teach and visit the kids. Mongolian kids are the cutest!

Like I mentioned, on Sunday we were asked to teach Sunday School last minute. So I opened PMG (preach my gospel), chose the topic missionary work, picked some scriptures and began. I talked for a bit, then we read the scriptures, then we read a story, then I shared an experience, then I asked Elder Mcham to share his own conversion sotry, and then we challenged everyone to write down one name of someone they think would come to church if invited and we challenged them to ask this week. I hope they follow through! It was so awesome though because while I am new and my Mongolian is not great, I did it! I taught Sunday School on the spot and it went well! Elder Mcham’s conversion story and testimony seemed to touch the people’s hearts since they too are all converts to the church. That’s one thing that amazes me here – they are all converts but they are working so hard to stay strong, build up this church, and it doesn’t feel like the church is new here. It feels like church anywhere else.
The church.


1. What time do you get up?
6:30am like every missionary around the world.
2. Do you have a regular bathroom/shower? Is the water hot?
We are the lucky sister in the mission to have a nice apt so yes we have a bath/shower but we don’t’ have warm water currently. During the summer many people only have cold water. I think it’s because they do pipe work – so yah, just lovin’ the ice cold showers.
3. Can you drink the water from the tap? Do they have bottled water?
We have a filter on our tap that we use and there is bottled water everywhere for cheap.
4. Is there different soda in Mongolia & have you tried it?
Not really, but they have more flavors of Fanta. I don’t really drink soda because I’d rather have water.
5. Would you say you walk or ride most days?
We ride a bus out to the area, then walk and walk and walk all day long.
6. Are you teaching anyone English?
I teach every Tuesday & Thursday, a free class open to anyone and since I’m sponsored by the church, I can wear my nametag during the classes.
7. Where do you email from?
An internet place for gaming.
8. Do you hang out with other missionaries at all?
We live with 2 other sisters, so yah, and we see other missionaries all the time and I do English with Sister Westover.
9. Do you feel like your budget is going to be sufficient based on the past two weeks?
Yep, it’s definitely a missionary budget, but it’s doable. Things are way cheap here.


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