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Monday, June 29, 2015

3 Months Down, 15 To Go!

Okay, so this week something hit me... I have been out 3 months! I have been in Mongolia a whole month! What?! And my trainer goes home this week! With all these things happening this week, it finally hit me that I am actually on a mission in Mongolia. It's kinda weird that it didn't hit me until now, but it's real. I am here for 15 more months to try and have the biggest effect I can for good here. I really want to use my time to the best of my ability and help as many people as I can!

On Friday, we were in one of our sketchy apt areas when I start to hear loud chanting/singing, and then... a Mongolian army (some were dressed in Mongolian traditional clothes and some in normal camo) marches on down the street singing! So what did I do, I of course ran after them to try and take a picture! So yep, there I was running down a sketchy street chasing a singing Mongolian army (imagine the scene from Mulan with her army singing, "A girl worth fighting for"---- it was like that!) It was so weird, but awesome!

I haven't really explained my English teaching situation yet ... I am helping create a program to teach from. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I spend 4 hours working on PowerPoints to be put on flash drives that missionaries can just plug in and teach from. They are based off a certain book, but we make the PowerPoint so missionaries don't have to spend that much time prepping. Then on those nights, Sis Westover and I teach our PowerPoints we've created at the church for free to anyone that wants to come. It is such a cool experience and I absolutely love teaching there. We have people of all ages and levels that come and some parents bring little kids who speak zero English, but it’s great! They all come because they want to and they all have a desire to learn!

Spiritual thought:
Alma 34:8-10 read it, it's all about Christ’s Atonement
Alma 34: 32 This is the time to prepare to meet God, so we do so by doing good and using the Atonement to become better
Alma 34:41 When things are hard, be patient and have hope. Christ knows and is always there. He felt everything we feel and he understands.

We did some service this week. We went to a member’s house where they had taken down their gir. We got to wash all the wood pieces of the gir so she could build it again for the summer... people here change their girs for the summer so they are cooler. Other than that, life is good, I love my area, I love the people, I love serving the Lord, I love Mongolia!
In response to questions:
 1. Do you have A/C in your apartment? Nope
2. How many people come to sacrament meeting? 40 if we are lucky
3. Are you better at speaking, writing, or reading Mongolian? Speaking and understanding... I can read but not understand it
4. What items can you NOT get in Mongolia that you wish you could? Any American food... SALAD
5. What is the best deal you’ve found in Mongolia (shopping)? Everything that’s not American
6. Have you spoken at district or zone conference?  I gave the thought at district meeting last week
7. What is the most expensive thing on your mission? Anything American
8. Do you, or any missionaries, every ride bikes? only a few people in the country
9. Any ‘real mail’ from anyone yet? nope :(

Teaching English
District Meeting
With my companion & a ward missionary.

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