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Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm Never Leaving ...

MTC life hasn't really changed that much... we have class, class, oh and more class. And sometimes we get to eat or go outside, haha. It's crazy to think that in about 2 weeks, I will get on a plane heading to Mongolia!!! What?!!

On Saturday, we had our last in-person TRC visit. We taught an 18 yr old Mongolian that is here going to Timp High. He is a recent convert to the church and has a burning testimony... it is so cool to talk to him! For gym on Saturday, we got a couple zones together at the field and played a huge game of kickball! It was so fun and super intense! It was so hilarious though because our zone is full of missionaries from all over the world, and none of them had ever heard of kickball, so we had to try and explain it... they kind of understood, but it made for some funny moments :)

Sunday was fantastic!!! It was fast Sunday, so we had testimony meeting and all of the missionaries in our branch had such amazing testimonies to share. Sunday night, President Holland (Elder Holland's son, who is president of UVU) came and did a special devotional all about Joseph Smith. He told stories about Joseph's life and experiences, and the UVU choir sang hymns in between. We (the MTC choir) sang with the UVU choir at the end. We sang Praise to the Man... wow was it powerful!  It was such an amazing devotional, and it definitely strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith. I truly do know that he was a prophet of God, and that God did work through him to restore the gospel on the earth today. I wish you all could have been at the devotional... it was that amazing!

We started SYL (speak your language) this week. Its when we only speak Mongolian. It's hard, but very helpful. It will definitely help make the transition to Mongolia a bit easier, and we are learning a ton as we try and communicate in just Mongolian. So weird... I can speak Mongolian.

On Wednesday, we had our first TRC Skype apt. We skyped with a sister from Mongolia!!! She was so incredibly sweet and wonderful! She is a member, she is widowed, and she served a mission in England!! How cool is that! She was so kind and said that we actually spoke very well and that we will be great missionaries. How cool is that?! I loved it, and I can’t wait to get to Mongolia! Also, we had a plot twist with Haraahbaatar. He has moved to the country (happens a lot in Mongolia), so we won’t be teaching him anymore. Instead, we taught a member referral. I can't remember his name, but he believes in Shamanism, so that made things interesting for sure.

Yesterday, we had language assessments. Who knew you would be tested in the MTC?! We had to talk to an RM who used to teach here for 15 minutes each. He asked us questions, had us teach him, bear our testimony, and read to him while he evaluated our language. We also did a written assessment as well. I hope it went well. We also played a Mongolian game with sheep/goat knuckles. I don't know how to explain it, but it was pretty fun! We played with bones, haha!!

Well, I'm out of time, but I want to hear from everyone about your lives!!! I love this gospel, I love the Book of Mormon, and I love being a missionary!
Just doing laundry at the MTC

Message from our teacher: Good luck, you all rock, I love you!

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