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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Such Joy

This week has been full of fun adventures! Last Monday my comp and I went to a fine arts museum here that was very cool! I love art and it was so awesome to go to a Mongolian art museum with things dating back anciently! Also, last Monday night, I had an amazing opportunity....

When I was in Erdenet, I was teaching an amazing family there. I had finished the father's lessons, taught most of them to the mom, baptized the daughter, and the son FINALLY had become interested and began meeting with us... well, about 1 month ago, they moved to UB!!! But, they had gotten passed to the wrong branch, and in turn, lost. So, I got their phone number, and called them up, set a time to meet, and Monday night, with one of the sisters from that area got to meet with them and teach them a lesson! I love this family so incredibly much and it touched my heart deeply to see that they are continuing to progress in this
gospel. This brief reunion with them brought such incredible happiness, and it made me think about after this life and how incredibly happy we will be to be reunited with our loved ones for all
eternity.... how amazing?!

On another note, this morning we went hiking with two other sisters to a mountain I hiked about 1 year ago. It was so cool to go back to! It was absolutely beautiful. From that mountain, you can see almost all of UB..... UB is huge!! There are so many people here waiting to hear the gospel... waiting for their lives to be changed.... waiting to understand their purpose and identity, and I can help them learn it. It made us all want to work even harder, and teach more, and be the kind of example that will bring these people unto Christ. 

Our work in this branch is continuing to grow! This Sunday  one of our investigators brought her sister to church, and one of our new members also brought hers!! So cool! These people are feeling the change of heart described in Alma 32 as they feel the spirit and begin to change. They feel that swelling and as such are bringing others too. That's what we must do! We must feel this importance and spirit as well and bring our loved ones unto it. DO MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK PLEASE! It is so incredibly important!!!!

I believe in God, Christ, and this gospel. I know it is true, and so I am here. I am giving up a year and a half to serve God here in Mongolia  You don't have to do this, but I would hope and pray that you would still be an example  reach out to others, and invite others to come unto Christ by coming to church or meeting with the missionaries. Don't be afraid! 

I met an investigator a an amusement park.

One of my fav little Mongolians
Titanic ... Mongolian style!

My new member & her brother.

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