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Monday, May 16, 2016

Crazy Week

One of my English students &
Sister Westover
This week was an interesting week... very little time for actually visiting people as 3 full days were devoted to an English Symposium where 4 speakers came to Mongolia from all of the 3 BYU's and Sister Gong. As well as a visit from Elder Funk and his wife... as well as Stake Conference!!!! It was a crazy week... but on top of it all, I got a visit from Sister Westover!!! She came to the city for the English conference, and stayed at my place fro 3 days, which was awesome!!1 I really missed that girl :) It was awesome to be reunited now that we can actually speak Mongolian and as our missions are coming to a close... we realized that after this transfer ends, she only has 1 more transfer, and I only have 2 more.... what?! craziness!!! (although one of those transfers is 7 weeks, and the 2nd one is 9 weeks). We got to talk together, teach English together, study together, go shopping together a little, and we even got food poisoning together... what are MTC comps for haha:) 

Our MTC group back together for
the first time in Mongolia!
So, the English symposium was AMAZING! I gained so many new ideas for practice activities in class, as well as how to better teach and help my students speak, and how to better study Mongolian myself. it was awesome.

Random thought: I have such a cool companion- she loves rock music, her whole family is almost vegetarian, she loves harry potter and lord of the rings, she is the only member in her family, and shes just the quirkiest mini missionary ever... haha:)

The work in Mongolia is growing so much! In the last month, one ward was split in two, and at stake conference, they shared some new news ... next week, another ward will be split, one branch will become a ward, and the east district in Mongolia will become a stake! That means Mongolia only needs one more stake to get a temple!!!!! Ahh, we are all so excited! And in regards to my own work in Enhktaivan- we have so many people to meet with that we don't even have enough time to meet with them all and we continue to gain more and more and more!! We gained two more families this week! It's so incredibly exciting to see the work progressing so much in the country as well as just in our own ward... I LOVE MONGOLIA!!!! 

* Also we meet with a family who's parents are less active, and the daughter spoke in stake conference... and her opening joke was from me! She quoted something funny i said to her that week :) I am officially famous :)

Well, my thoughts are all over the place, and I need to finish soon, so thats all for this week! I haven't gotten any emails with conversion stories or experiences... please send me them :)

We had a freak snow storm this week!

Our solution to food poisoning.

More of my English students.

Faces of my mission - we are adorable!

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