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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Absolutely Fantastic Week!

This week has been absolutely fantastic! We have had so much excitement packed into one small week, it's been great! I'll just do it in bullets today:

-We met with my new member, Snowcandy (tsaschicher), this week and talked to her about her goals. She wants to go on a mission and after her mission attend BYU Hawaii or Provo, and get married in the temple (she's so great!). I helped her plan it all out and helped her understand what she needs to do to attend those universities! She is so excited and she really wants to serve a mission! So cool!

- Another new member, Zumpurellham, got a calling to the library.

- Another new member, Prince (Khanhyy), got the aaronic priesthood on Sunday.

- One of our investigators, Sumia, is progressing great! He is meeting us almost every day because he wants to get baptized as soon as possible! It's so cool to see because a few months ago when we first started meeting with his family he used to leave the house when we were coming to avoid us... or he would go to another room and ignore us... but with time he would participate in the family prayers... and in time sat in the corner and listened to lessons.. and when we taught about temples he participated... and then he came to his little sister's baptism... and now he is a rockin investigator!!! So amazing! 

- My comp got her mission call! She has been called to serve in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission and leaves for the MTC on February 26th!! Who knows, maybe I will be her mission mom, haha. It was fun to have my mission comp get her mission call with me :)

- We've been teaching one of our 20 yr old ALA's family and this week his mom and dad and little brother all committed to baptism!!!! They are all so excited to take this step together! It's amazing to see and the ALA son s trying really hard to get back on the path to receiving the priesthood and hopefully baptizing his family!

- So, my ZL's family lives here in Erdenet, and they are almost all members and just fantastic. The one person in his family who is not a member is his stepdad. His stepdad has been against the church for a while and gets drunk all the time, and its hard on the family, but the family prays really hard that he will change and hear the message and get baptized. They are waiting for him to become a member to all go to the temple together to be sealed as a family. Well, yesterday we had a lesson with him and his wife and one son... we were very blunt and explained their desires and god's desires, and the blessings available after this life for him and his family... He listened and when I asked him to start meeting with us, he said he wants to!!!! He is now our newest investigator!!! I am so excited to see the gospel change his life and unite this family!!!

-We had another BAPTISM!!! Amardalai (peaceful river) got baptized on Friday! ( as well as 3 of my old investigators who the other sisters finished teaching). It was a beautiful baptism as an RM got to baptize his wife and her lil sis, and our new member baptized his 2 friends. So cool! Amardalai's mom came to the service and was so supportive! He shared a wonderful testimony of how he has changed and his knowledge of the Book of Mormon. He even wore a suit that he got so he could start wearing it to church!!! He will be in the countryside for the next couple weeks on break, and he asked, "Can you guys give me my baptism pictures before I leave Monday? I want to tell everyone back home about the church and show them the pictures!" How cool is that?! He already is doing missionary work! He rocks!!!

Well, that's everything that happened this week --- such a fantastic week! This week is transfers, so we will see who my new comp is and where I will be!! I love you all! I love Mongolia and these people and this work sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! 

My comp gets her mission call.
No one came to English. :(
Amardalai next to me got baptized!
Erdenet at the end of the day as we head home.

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